Word of Mouth is still king

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Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising. The difference is today’s word of mouth is largely done online.

Customers leave a great review on a social media site, and potential clients read them. Many potential clients rely heavily on these reviews.

Make your customers work for you.

You worked hard to get that client and keep them happy. Now put them to work for you. Ocassionaly a customer will leave a review without being asked, but usually this isn’t the case and they need a little nudge. If they had a fantastic experience they will be happy to leave you a review.

Often when I’m searching a new business I want to see what other people think about them. I head to Google, search them and see what reviews they have on their Google Business page. A Google Business Page is often at the start of a search and is extremely important for new leads.

If I’m searching for a specific service and not a certain business I’ll Google it and often pick the ones whose Google+ page has the most stars.
After i see the reviews here I may head to their Facebook page depending if I need a little more input. If I’m still not convinced I’ll search to see if anyone wrote any articles reviewing them.

Potential clients will often go to a variety of sources to get the scoop on your business.

It’s very important to make sure you have social profiles in place, your responding to your clients on it, and your actively seeking reviews. A great way to get reviews simply by asking some of your favorite clients.


To make it easier for them set up a review email. Add links to 2 or 3 of your preferred social media profiles. Its usually best to go with Google and Facebook. Unless your in a specific area. If your in the wedding industry for example, you may want to include your listing on the Knot.

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