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How to get more business out of your website

Is your website working for you or against you?

Often I’ll be walking past a new store, usually offering a service. Perhaps for massages, waxing, a yoga studio, or even a tattoo parlor and I’ll wonder what it’s like inside. Are they friendly? Do they do good work? Is it clean inside? But rather than walking in and finding out, usually out of fear that I may be pressured to actually buy something! I head to Google. Search for the business name and look for their website. I’m looking to be educated on their services, find out who they are, what will the experience be like. If I’m happy with my experience on their website I’m much more inclined to make an appointment.

However, instead I’m often disappointed. A website should offer more than just contact information and hours of operation. A visitor is coming to your site to be educated. Your website needs to be the authority on it’s subject.

The best way to succeed in your SEO efforts is to be the best, be the authority!

Be well organized and looking your best Would you show up to work with your hair disheveled, looking like you picked your clothes straight from the dirty close basket? Probably not, because chances are customers will not be sticking around. Your website should be a direct representation of your business. If your shop has a beautiful light and airy, peaceful feel to it, so should your website. Your website should evoke feelings, good ones!
Have calls to action in place If a potential client visits your site and more often than not, does not sign up for a newsletter, book an appointment, send you an email, or call you up then your site isn’t living up to it’s full potential and is probably lacking these “calls to action”
Be informative let’s say I’m searching for a new Yoga studio. I head to Google, and search for yoga studios near me. When I visit these sites the first place I look is the price page. That’s if the website is pretty enough to keep me interested. If your homepage is ugly then I’m out and on to the next. Once I have narrowed it down to a few that are in my price range I start reading through their pages and blog. I read the profiles of the instructors (which should always have photos) and leave me feeling like I already know them on a personal level. I always end up picking the business that leaves me feeling well informed, like just by reading it I’m half way to being and expert Yogi.
Is your site a lead generating machine? Is it living up to it’s full potential?

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