Human Hosting vs. Robot Hosting

Recently a client contacted me in a bit of a panic, her website disappeared! Often when a website needs to be updated on the back end you will see the “White Screen of Death” , which is exactly as it sounds a blank white screen. I used to panic when this would happen but I’ve seen it enough times now that it no longer worries me. However, this time it wasn’t the white screen of death, it was a GoDaddy page that was up and I panicked for her!


I immediately logged into her GoDaddy account to see what was going on. Her website wasn’t listed in her account – it was completely gone. After a little digging I came to find out that GoDaddy had deleted her website! She had misspelled her email address when she created her GoDaddy account, and had an old phone number listed. Because she never responded to the automated emails telling her to update her credit card information GoDaddy automatically deleted her website. Resulting in her having to hire me to remake the same website! She wanted to make sure this didn’t happen again so she left GoDaddy and chose to have her website hosted here, at Palila Studio. Here, I don’t have robots handling your livelihood. It’s me, an actual human, and I would never delete a website without talking directly to my client.


If you’re using GoDaddy or any other large hosting company, learn from her mistake. Login to your account right now and update those important contact details!

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