Palilas Tips

Your Website Could Save the Earth

WEBSITES LEAVE A BIG FOOTPRINT. YOU CAN HELP FIX THAT. Did you know your website is hurting this planet, and you have the power to change that? Not many people consider going green with their website, simply because it’s not tangible. When we work on our website, we draft up a blog post, add a […]

ADA Compliance: building all Inclusive websites

Is your website ADA Compliant? Is your website accessible for the visually impaired?  It’s probably something most of you haven’t thought of.  I myself hadn’t until recently when it was brought to my attention that a couple of businesses were being sued for not have websites accessible for the visually impaired. Initially I thought this […]

Human Hosting vs. Robot Hosting

Recently a client contacted me in a bit of a panic, her website disappeared! Often when a website needs to be updated on the back end you will see the “White Screen of Death” , which is exactly as it sounds a blank white screen. I used to panic when this would happen but I’ve […]