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Beachin’ Betty


Betty is look for a new owner. Not that she doesn’t love her current one. It’s just that she’s too small to accommodate 1 Mom and 3 growing boys.  She’s in search for a single person or a couple who can help finish her up.

van view from back

In this picture you will notice some large holes near the ceiling. I was planning on putting one more strip of tongue and groove down the left side that will cover some of these. 

You will also notice some in this picture. I was thinking of adding a shelft across the back which would cover it. 

van shelf
van curtain tie back boat cleat

Also planned to put a piece of tongue and groove on this side to cover that hole near the top. 

vans new carpet
van curtains tied back
van shelf
van curtains down

A little about Beachin' Betty

Betty is a 2002 VW Eurovan. Owned by her current owner for 3 years. She has 144k miles, and comes with an excellent Carfax report.  And a mostly clean bill of health from the mechanic.  

The Love She's Had...

  • Interior gutted, and every little sticky spot sanded down and cleaned (not a fun job)
  • New coat of white paint and some minor pin holes from the original siding concealed. 
  • New carpet in driver/passenger area
  • Foam insulation in walls and birch ply would walls put up. 
  • Pine tongue and groove ceiling
  • Ceiling lights changed to LED flush mount lights (3)
  • 2 reading LED reading lights
  • Floor has layer on insulation, followed by 1/2″ plywood subfloor, and topped with a vinyl plank floor.
  • 3 curtain panels sewed up with 2 boat cleat and 2 monkey fist tie backs. 
  • One seat partly reupholstered.
  • Comes with a large vinyl floor mat for the trunk 
  • USB plug with battery level indicator

The Love She Needs...

  • A clock spring – A clockspring is a round device that goes in your steering wheel and helps the wires stay connected while the wheel turns. Some of these wires are the horn and airbag. This VW needs a new clockspring, unfortunately, VW no longer makes this part!!! I cant believe it! So because I cannot get the part the van will not pass inspection. Therefor I cannot register it in NY, and it needs to be registered in a state that does not require an inspection. 
  • Front driver and passenger door panels with handles & locks (I’ve been driving it for 3 years with out them and made my own door handles, but the doors either need new panels or someone who is handy and creative who can make door panels.
  •  New radio system (I just used my phone and a bluetooth speaker)
  • Some more trim work.. you have no idea how many holes there are in a vehicle until you gut it. Ive concealed many of them with a bondo. But there are some big holes you will notice in the pictures that need some creative covering. Also there are some holes in the wood panel siding where the seat belts were.
  • New hood release cable
  • New windshield wiper tubes 

Betty's biggest flaws

Everyone has flaws… No one’s perfect.. Betty comes close but here are some of her flaws with photos.


  • Pic 1: She has about a 5″ dent in her rear. Been meaning to bondo and paint it. 
  • Pic 2: Her driver and passenger door are not done.
  • Pic 3: Her heater needs to be boxed in & her wheel wells need to be covered. Planning on carpeting the wheel wells. 
  • She only has one key and the key ring part broke off.
van dent
van view from back
van heater

Are you Betty's Soul Mate?

If you think you’re in love send her owner an email at

$8,950 OBO

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