Betty is look for a new owner. Not that she doesn’t love her current one. It’s just that she’s too small to accommodate 1 Mom and 3 growing boys.  She’s in search for a single person or a couple who can help finish her up.

A little about Beachin' Betty

Betty is a 2002 VW Eurovan. Owned by her current owner for 3 years. She has 144k miles, and comes with an excellent Carfax report.  And a clean bill of health from the mechanic.  

The Love She's Had...

  • Interior gutted, and every little sticky spot sanded down and cleaned (not a fun job)
  • New coat of white paint and some minor pin holes from the original siding concealed. 
  • Foam insulation in walls and birch ply would walls put up. 
  • Pine tongue and groove ceiling
  • Ceiling lights changed to LED flush mount lights (3)
  • 2 reading LED reading lights
  • Floor has layer on insulation, followed by 1/2″ plywood subfloor, and topped with a vinyl plank floor.
  • 3 curtain panels sewed up.
  • One seat partly reupholstered.
  • Comes with a large vinyl floor mat for the trunk 

The Love She Needs...

  • Front driver and passenger door panels with handles & locks (I’ve been driving it for 3 years with out them and made my own door handles, but the doors either need new panels or someone who is handy and creative who can make door panels.
  • New rear trunk struts (about $50)
  •  New radio system (I just used my phone and a bluetooth speaker)
  • Trim work – along with anything you want to add to her: bed, solar power, kitchen, etc.
  • A clock spring (Not sure what this is but a couple of lights are on the dash and my mechanic said it needs a clock spring but assured me it was no big deal so I never had it done.)
  • Front driver/passenger area carpet ($60 – cut pile style carpet from

Betty's biggest flaws

Everyone has flaws… No one’s perfect.. Betty comes close but here are some of her flaws.


  • She has about a 5″ dent in her rear. Been meaning to bondo and paint it. Photo coming. 
  • Her passenger door leaks a little but there’s no dents showing. The water always gathers in the passenger door well so I haven’t gotten around to fixing that yet. 
  • She only has one key and the key ring part broke off.

Are you Betty's Soul Mate?

If you think you’re in love send her owner an email at

$8,950 OBO